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Thorpe Park are planning to build a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter for 2007, keep checking back here for the latest news and construction pictures.

The Plans

Canada Creek Coaster

Thorpe Park have submitted planning permission to build a new coaster location in Canada

Creek and due to open in 2009.

The ride is to be produced by Gerstlauer and is there Euro Fighter ride. So far two other Gerstlauer Euro Fighters exist in the country. The first to open was Speed at Oakwood Theme Park in wales, which opened in 2006. The second was Rage at Adventure Island in Essex which opened in 2007.

From the plans we can tell the ride is going to consist of the following elements:

  • Zero-G Roll
  • Vertical Lift Hill
  • 97 Degree Drop
  • Immelmann Loop
  • Immelmann Turn
  • Over Banked Turn
  • Dive Loop

In order to accommodate the new ride a part of Abbey Lake will be filled in to create a new island for the station, queue line and start of the ride. The ride will then pass round by the start of the Log Flume and the Canada Creek Railway. The new island will be accessible from next to the Samurai and the plans also show it connection to an area of land currently occupied by Colossus’ Ride Plansqueue line.

The plans for the ride show the theme to be based around a Mine to fit in with Canada Creek,

so we could potentially expect to see something similar to Mystery Mine at Dollywood.